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ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor v7.1.4.2527 (x64) + License

ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor

ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor Overview

    LUXEA Pro 7 has undergone a major glow-up! New look, new features, new workflow… all the things to make your videos shine. The real game-changer is the Properties Panel, where you can find all of your settings no matter the media type, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Master the dramatic slow zoom, perfect the extreme close-up, or give big moments the attention they deserve with keyframes. Use audio panning, pitch, and EQ settings to give your sequence even more movement. Discover these exciting changes in LUXEA Pro 7 today!


ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor v7.1.4.2527 (x64)
ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor v7.1.4.2527 (x64)

Key Features of ACDSee Luxea Pro Video Editor

  • Multi-Monitor Editing
  • Experience a smooth workflow across multiple displays, allowing you to view your project in Fullscreen while having your tools conveniently close-by on another monitor.
  • Customizable Workspace
  • Rearrange, dock, and undock panels to create your perfect workspace.
  • Keyframes
  • Apply keyframes along the timeline to create precise adjustments, and smooth transitions.
  • Masking
  • Apply a mask to selectively hide or show parts of a video clip.
  • Advanced Speed Controls
  • Speed up or slow down seamlessly with new speed ramping and ripple edit features.
  • Reverse Speed
  • Play media clips forwards and backwards to create surreal videos.
  • Improved Audio Editing
  • Pan audio, adjust pitch, apply an EQ preset and control independent L/R channel volume.
  • Redesigned Recorder
  • New, compact design, plus added functions like real-time file size display and a list of your recordings.
  • Home Screen
  • Begin recording, view previous projects, or jump right in and start creating.
  • Advanced Paste Properties
  • Copy and selectively paste properties including filters, behaviors, transitions and more from one clip to another.

Operating System:

  • Windows

File Size:

  • 409.9MB




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