Light Novel World Teacher Vol.1-3 [ENGLISH TRANSLATED]

Light Novel World Teacher Vol.1-3 [ENGLISH TRANSLATED]
Light Novel World Teacher Vol.1-3 [ENGLISH TRANSLATED]


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Sirius was the best secret agent the world had ever seen. But after being killed in action to save his comrades, he is reborn in a strange new world. Literally!

The only regret from his previous life was that he didn’t get to see his students grow up. So, with his knowledge and experience from his previous life, Sirius sets out anew to travel this strange world, changing the lives of those he meets along the way!

To some he’s a beloved teacher, to others he’s a strong role model, or even a crush!

“If you have nothing to lose, then come with me. I’ll teach you how to live again.”

The once strongest secret agent will now travel the world with his students! His journey has only just begun…

Characters from Books:


A young man, who was once the best secret agent in the world. With the help of his experience and knowledge of his old world, he develops all kinds of magic and powers thought impossible in this new world after being reincarnated. He has his eyes set on a single goal; becoming a teacher and watching his students grow.


A young girl from the silver wolf clan, saved from slavery along with her brother thanks to Sirius. After having lost her whole family and her very purpose in life, Sirius and his teachings are there to give her a new one. 


A young boy from the silver wolf clan. Sirius saved him along with his sister, and starts working on getting Leus a new purpose in life. Though Leus has a secret, which he has been carrying with him since birth…


Sirius’ loyal servant and foster parent. With Sirius’ parents out of the picture, Erina takes it upon herself to shower him in love and care, raising him like her own.


A cat-eared demi-human, and another one of Sirius’ servants. She’s an airhead, currently under training from Erina. She helps raise Sirius too, and despite her wanting to act like the big sister, she makes a lot of mistakes along the way.



Sirius’ Previous Life

After becoming the world’s best secret agent, Sirius lost his life in a deadly mission. He left behind his beloved students, and his only regret in life was not being there to watch them grow any longer…
Colorless Magic

Normally a person with a colorless mana affinity would be thought of as weak and useless. But Sirius turns that on his head when he uses his knowledge to develop all sorts of original spells, such as his prided “Impact.” It is capable of blowing a thick tree trunk to bits. But even after that he develops more powerful spells like “Magnum” and “Launcher,” expanding his arsenal even further.
Cooking in another world!

Cooking was one of Sirius’ hobbies, and he brings over lots of his favorite recipes to this new world, like french toast and pudding. The desserts are especially loved by the women in his life!


Light Novel World Teacher Vol.1, 2, 3 | English 

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