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Doraemon (2005) Episode 792 Chinese Subs

Doraemon Episode 792 Chinese Subs
Doraemon Episode 792 Chinese Subs


"Scope as you see"
    New Year's Day. Nobita, who has lost his New Year's balls somewhere, searches the house, but he can't find them at all, and he is at a loss. What's more, Doraemon was furious when he heard that even the amount he had received from Doraemon was gone!
    He hasn't been out yet today, so if he dropped it outside, it would have been yesterday, but Nobita doesn't remember where or what he did yesterday. Doraemon is overwhelmed, but when asked if he has a tool to remember yesterday, he takes out the "scope as you see it".
    It is said that when this is used, the scenes seen in the past are awakened from the depths of memory and projected. Immediately, I put it on my head according to the time I went out yesterday, and the screen shows Nobita's point of view as he goes out.
    After looking at it for a while, I was disappointed when I picked up a box of caramel that had fallen on the road, and when I went to see a dog fight, I was chased and fell, and I slipped and fell on the bank.

"Pet pen"
    Nobita asks his mom to have a pet, but he is told that he can't do it again. Seeing this, Doraemon says that this is the 100th time he has been told, and when he rings a cracker, he takes out a "pet pen" to commemorate the 100th time.
    If you draw a cat or dog on a piece of paper with this pen, the paper will move and bark, and it will become a pet. When Nobita hears this, he says that he wants to have a big dog and immediately starts drawing a picture, but it is too pretentious, so Doraemon puts a piece of sucking paper on the picture and erases the picture of the dog.
    Told by Doraemon, Nobita tries to draw a collie dog while looking at a picture book. Then, the picture stood up and rubbed against Nobita. Then, when he fed the hungry dog a piece of meat drawn on a piece of paper with a pet pen, he began to eat with great joy.
    Nobita, who received permission from his mom to paint a dog, decided to pet the paper dog by naming it Lassie. However, Lassie looks exactly like the personality of her owner, Nobita...!

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