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In the Wild West town of Last Stand, a female gunslinger enters a standoff between the townsfolk, led by Bat Lash, and bandits led by Jonah Hex. Hex asks for her help to bring order, but she sides with the townsfolk and saves a little girl from Hex's men and Lash from a wagon loaded with dynamite. Hex calls her a "Wonder" and the townsfolk call her an "Angel". Later that night, while distracting Hex so the townsfolk can retrieve supplies, she learns that Hex’s men have hijacked a train to transport explosives and destroy the townsfolk’s fort. She derails the train as Lash evacuates the townsfolk, but Hex kills Lash. In a fit of rage, she beats Hex near death before silently leaving the town.

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Release date: July 25, 2023
Running time: 89 minutes
Country: United States

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